Lean How to Order Rakuten Loan: Your Comprehensive Guide

Exploring loan options can feel overwhelming, but Rakuten Bank makes it accessible and straightforward. 

Offering a range of loans, from housing to travel, Rakuten caters to various financial needs. 


This guide aims to simplify the loan application process, providing you with the necessary steps and details for each loan type.

Rakuten Loans

Here are the loans you can apply at Rakuten:

1. Housing Loans 

Rakuten's housing loans come with both variable and fixed interest rate options:

  • Variable Interest Rate: Starts from 0.557% per year. The rate is reviewed monthly, ensuring you benefit from any rate decreases.
  • Fixed Interest Rate (10 Years): Starts from 1.620% per year, offering stability in your repayments for a decade.
  • Long-term Fixed Interest Rate (Flat 35): For loans with a duration of 21 to 35 years and a loan ratio of 90% or less, interest rates start at 0.82% per year for the initial 5 years and adjust thereafter.

Additional rates may apply based on your choice of repayment account, subscription to insurance plans, and other factors. 

The interest rate reduction system, such as [Flat 35] S (ZEH) and [Flat 35] Childcare Plus, can further lower your rates.

2. Card Loans 

The Rakuten Bank Super Loan is a versatile option for various financial needs:

  • Interest Rates: Range from 1.9% to 14.5% per year, with preferential treatment depending on your Rakuten member rank.
  • Loan Amount: Up to 8 million yen, accommodating both small and large financial requirements.
  • Repayment: Flexible monthly repayments starting from 2,000 yen, with the option for additional repayments and a free repayment plan.

Rakuten also offers a generous spending limit and the possibility of reducing monthly payments by reviewing your interest rate.

3. Real Estate Secured Loans 

Unlock the value of your property with Rakuten's Real Estate Secured Loan, offering competitive fixed interest rates with reviews every 5 years. 

Here's a closer look:

  • Interest Rates: Starting from 1.11% per year, with rates applicable for February 2024 ranging up to 9.87% per year. The rates are subject to change based on market conditions and the specifics of your loan.
  • Loan Amount: You can borrow between 1 million yen and less than 100 million yen, with a repayment period of up to 25 years. This flexibility allows you to tailor your loan to your financial situation.
  • Application Process: Rakuten offers a straightforward application process, with the option to complete pre-screening online. This can speed up the approval process, getting you the funds you need more quickly.

Rakuten's Real Estate Secured Loans are designed to meet a variety of financial needs, whether you're consolidating debt, financing a major purchase, or seeking a large sum of money. 

4. Bridal Loans 

Make your wedding day unforgettable with Rakuten's Bridal Loan, offering a fixed interest rate and flexible loan amounts:

  • Interest Rate: A reliable fixed rate of 7.0% per year ensures that your repayments are predictable and manageable.
  • Loan Amount: You can borrow up to 3 million yen, with monthly repayments starting from just 10,000 yen. This allows you to finance your dream wedding without breaking the bank.
  • Usage: The funds can be used for a variety of wedding-related expenses, including ceremonies, receptions, rings, and even honeymoon costs.

Rakuten Bank's Bridal Loan is designed to help you celebrate your special day without financial stress. 

5. Travel Loans 

Explore the world with Rakuten's Travel Loan, designed to cover all your travel-related expenses with a fixed interest rate:

  • Interest Rate: At 11.5% per year, the fixed rate ensures that your repayments remain consistent throughout the loan period.
  • Loan Amount: Borrow up to 1 million yen to fund your travel dreams, whether it's a domestic getaway or an international adventure.
  • Repayment: With a maximum loan period of 5 years and 10 months, you have ample time to repay your loan in manageable monthly installments.

Rakuten's Travel Loan is perfect for financing your next vacation, covering costs such as transportation, accommodation, and package tours. 

The Rakuten Bank App

The Rakuten Bank App puts your main bank at your fingertips, allowing you to manage your finances effortlessly. 

You can check deposit and withdrawal details, view your deposit balance, make regular deposits, and even purchase lottery tickets.

Services Available in the App: 

  • Transfers: Easily transfer money to Rakuten Bank, other banks, or set up transfer reservations.
  • Deposit/Withdrawal Details: View the details of your savings account transactions.
  • Yen Fixed Deposit: Choose a deposit period ranging from one week to 10 years.
  • Foreign Currency Deposits: Access foreign currency savings and term deposits.
  • BIG・toto/Lottery: Purchase lottery tickets 24 hours a day using the app.

The Rakuten Bank App offers a variety of loan options, including card loans and home loans. You can apply for and manage your loans directly through the app.

Opening a Bank Account With Rakuten Bank

Follow these steps in opening a bank account before you can apply for a loan:

Step 1: New Application

  • Platform: Apply using your PC or smartphone.
  • Required Documents: Prepare your identification document (Residence card or Special permanent resident certificate).
  • Information Entry: Enter your personal information as prompted.

Step 2: Identification

  • Submission: Submit your identification document (Residence card or Special permanent resident certificate) using the smartphone app or by post.

Step 3: Initial Setting (Log-in)

  • Setup: Complete the initial setting after receiving your cash card and initial setting guidebook.
  • Service Access: Upon completion of the initial setting, you can start using Rakuten Bank's services.

Important Notes

  • Ineligibility: Non-residents of Japan, corporate applications, and individuals under 18 years old (those under 18 must apply with a Japanese application form) are ineligible. Japanese nationals must also use the Japanese application form.
  • Language Limitation: Services, including customer support, are available only in Japanese after your account application is registered. Some services may not be accessible.
  • Legal Compliance: Do not violate any laws and regulations.
  • Account Limitation: A customer can only have one account with Rakuten Bank.
  • Fraudulent Activity: Submitting counterfeit identification documents or unauthorized use of services may result in account suspension, closure, and reporting to regulatory authorities.

How to Apply for Rakuten Loans

Applying for a Rakuten loan is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the application:

1. Choose Your Loan Type 

Rakuten offers various loan options to suit different needs:

  • Housing Loan: Choose between variable and fixed interest rate options.
  • Card Loan: A flexible solution with rates ranging from 1.9% to 14.5% per year.
  • Real Estate Secured Loan: Secure a loan against your property with competitive fixed interest rates.
  • Bridal Loan: Finance your wedding day with a fixed interest rate of 7.0% per year.
  • Travel Loan: Cover your travel expenses with a fixed interest rate of 11.5% per year.

2. Review Loan Details 

Understand the terms and conditions of your chosen loan:

  • Interest Rates: Check the current rates and how they are applied.
  • Loan Amount: Determine how much you can borrow and the applicable repayment terms.
  • Repayment: Familiarize yourself with the repayment options and schedules.

3. Prepare Necessary Documents 

Gather all required documents for the application process:

  • Identification: Residence card or special permanent resident certificate.
  • Financial Information: Proof of income, employment, and other financial details.

4. Apply Through the Rakuten Bank App 

Follow these steps to apply for a loan using the Rakuten Bank App:

  • Log in: Access your Rakuten Bank account through the app.
  • Navigate: Find the loans section and select the type of loan you wish to apply for.
  • Fill Out Application: Complete the application form with your personal and financial details.
  • Submit: Review your application and submit it for approval.

5. Wait for Approval 

Once your application is submitted, Rakuten Bank will review your details and determine your eligibility. You may be required to provide additional information or documents during this process.

6. Receive Funds 

If approved, the loan amount will be deposited into your Rakuten Bank account. You can then use the funds according to your needs.

Opening a Bank Account with Rakuten Bank 

Before applying for a loan, you need to have a Rakuten Bank account. Follow these steps to open an account:

  1. New Application: Apply online using your PC or smartphone.
  2. Identification: Submit your identification document through the app or by mail.
  3. Initial Setting: Complete the initial setup after receiving your cash card and guidebook.

Important Notes:

  • Services are primarily available in Japanese.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal requirements.
  • Each customer is limited to one account with Rakuten Bank.


Applying for a loan with Rakuten Bank is a straightforward process, offering a variety of options to meet your financial needs. 

It's important to carefully review the terms and conditions of each loan and consider your financial situation before making a decision.

Disclaimer: The information in this guide is for informational purposes only. Loan terms and conditions are subject to change. Consult with a financial advisor or Rakuten Bank for current information and personalized advice.